Men’s Pocket Square Handkerchief Folds

When it comes to men’s style, pocket square handkerchief action is always recommended and act as a style booster to a man’s overall look. If you’re going for the jacket, adding a handkerchief to the mix is a great way to add color, flair and overall balance to a man’s look.

While there are many handkerchief folding techniques, here are five ways to fold a handkerchief, suitable for formal occasions, work and even for upgraded street style.

1) The Straight Pocket Square Fold: Great for formal occasions, for work and for sophisticated, casual street style. This classic fold is good for any setting.

Straight fold

Square handkerchief fold

2) The Unfinished Pocket Square Fold: Fold as the above and let the unfinished edge show. This fold is the casual version of the formal straight fold.

The Unfinished Pocket Square Fold

3) The Puff Pocket Square Fold: Best for street style, this fold could also be great for work. Less recommended for formal occasions but still doable nowadays.

Puff Pocket Square Fold

The Puff Fold

4) The One Peak Pocket Square Fold: Just like the classic straight pocket square fold, the one peak fold will serve you well in any setting, from formal to street, this fold will come off as classy.

Triangle Fold

5) The Four Peak Pocket Square Fold: This fold is less common these days, but for men who like to stand out from the crowd, this will be a valid option.

Mens 4-Point Handkerchief


Before choosing a specific fold, Firstly pick a handkerchief color that you like and feels good to you. The handkerchief should color match at least on peace of clothing in the overall look, most commonly, the buttoned down shirt, but not exclusively. You could match the handkerchief to your jacket, pants, scarf and even to your belt and shoes or to a hat, up to you.

The important thing to remember is that the handkerchief, color-matched with at least one other item, will pop out and act as a leading color in your outfit. Make sure that this color is you, and that it compliments all the other colors in the overall look.

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