36 Inspiring Crochet Pillow Patterns

If you are interested in crocheting and need a fun spring venture we suggest making beautiful crocheted pillows. Select bright colored yarn, designs like  chevron or flowers  and your home will instantly become livelier and more beautiful. These crochet pillows make an impeccable spring addition to the home but they can also act as an amazing gift.

free vintage crochet pillow patterns
Crochet Pillow Patterns Vintage

Refresh things up in every room of your home with a crochet vintage pillow. These crochet vintage patterns for pillow are great since the retro look is retrieved.

crochet pillow cover pattern with buttons
Crochet Pillow Patterns with Buttons

Include some large attractive buttons to the crochet pillow to give a cozy look to your sofa. Make sure that the buttons should be in contrast color to the yarn used.

crochet round pillow patterns
Crochet Pillow Patterns Round

These crochet Round pillow patterns look attractive on couches, but still prettier on beds or those French window shelves.

crochet patterns pillow dolls
Crochet Pillow Doll Patterns

This crochet pattern is specific for crochet pillow doll, bed doll, and fashion crochet clothing for dolls. Ultimately the large pretty dolls are used especially for re-using old dolls.

Crochet Pillow Animal Patterns

These crochet animal pillows are very cute. Not only your baby can use it like a pillow, but also can play as a toy. There are many different animal pillow patterns to choose from.

easy crochet animal pillow patterns
Crochet Aamigurumi Pillow Patterns

The size of the amigurumi pillows depends on the thickness of yarn, size of the crochet hook and how tight you stuff them. A larger hook and thick yarn make a big doll.

crochet pillow patterns free
Crochet Baby Pillow Patterns

Knit some carton characters, fairy tale heroes or some animal patterns while crocheting a baby pillow. Do not overstuff these pillows since it will be very hard for the kids to lay on it.

crochet bolster pillow pattern free
Crochet Bolster Pillow Patterns

A normal crochet bolster pillow measures about 46 cm long and 18 cm in diameter. Dimension is very important for these kind of pillows.

crochet pillow ideas
Crochet Ring Bearer Pillow Patterns

The crochet ring bearer pillow will attract everyone on your big day. This pillow should be made in perfect size to bear with little hands.

crochet pillow pattern christmas
Crochet Christmas Pillow Patterns

For making a crochet Christmas pillow, you can knit an ordinary pillow just by combining the exclusive Christmas colors.

Cotton Crochet Pillow Patterns

It is always advisable to craft the crochet pillows using cotton yarn. This cotton yarn is free from allergies and hence suitable for sensitive skin people.

crochet pillow design
Crochet Pillow Flower Pattern

These crochet flower pillows are made with layered stitch. Any hook size, yarn thickness and color can be used according to your preference.

crochet heart pillow pattern free
Crochet Pillow Heart Pattern

You can make this crochet heart pillow with your own hands for your wedding night or will be a perfect gift for newly married couple.

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