24 Inspiring DIY Barrel Tables

Wine barrel tables are built using reclaimed barrel heads with either the beautifully wine-stained inner side facing up or the outer side of the barrel head facing up. Barrel heads are branded or stamped on the outer side and these markings tell some of the barrels histories such as wood origin, cooperage and winemaker details.

Barrel Table and Chairs

The table and chair are designed by using or to match this barrel. It is such a wonderful design that makes the home very royal and looks different.

Outdoor Barrel Table
Barrel Table Top

We can use a wood or a glass material or the barrel itself for the top of the barrel table. It is absolutely according to our wish and needs.

Barrel Accent Table
Barrel Table Base

The base of the barrel table is already flat and hence there is no need for a special base. However, if you are going to place it in the garden or somewhere else where the ground level is not even, you need to crop the base to fit in the ground.

Barrel Game Table
Barrel Table Set

Barrel table set denotes the table including the chair. If the chair is made of the same material in which the barrel is made, it would be great.

Rustic Barrel Table
Barrel Accent Table

Accent style always catches the attention of all by its personality and gaze. We can make the accent table by using the old barrel table which will be more shining and good looking.

barrel table ideas
Barrel Bar Table

The barrel table will be more suitable for bars since they are made of a wine barrel. This barrel bar table creates a serene atmosphere for drinkers.

Barrel Side Table
Barrel Bistro Table

The bistro table is used in cafeterias and even at home for having breakfast and dinner. They are suitable for bachelor room.

Barrel Bedside Table

The bedside barrel table is used to keep the things like mobile, books, water bottles and a night lamp etc.

Barrel Bird Table

Barrel bird table is a cute addition to your garden décor. They will be a dwelling to your pet birds. If you do not have a garden, you can place it on the patio.

Barrel Coffee Table

Small barrel tables are used as a coffee table in our home. They can be placed at any part of your home where you usually have your coffee.

Barrel Corner Table

The corner barrel tables are used for placing candle holders or flower vases. The barrels should be cut in half and used as corner table by placing it upside down.

Barrel Chess Table

We can use this barrel table as a chess table by painting a chess box in it or by sticking the chess sticker in it or we can simply use chess board also.

Here are some more ideas for making table from barrel:

barrel table diy
Barrel End Table
Barrel Kitchen Table
Bottle Cap Barrel Table
Cork Storage Barrel Table
Glass Top Barrel Coffee Table
Barrel Table with Glass Top
Vintage Oak Barrel Table
Vintage Oak Barrel Table
Whisky Barrel Table
Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table
Whisky Barrel Table Pictures
Wine Barrel Bar Table
Whisky Barrel Table
Wine Barrel Coffee Table
Wine Barrel Table
Wine Barrel Dining Table
Wine Barrel Pub Table
Wine Barrel Table
Wooden Half Wine Barrel Table
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