27 Crochet Coaster Patterns To Take Inspiration From

Coasters are the easiest projects for crocheting. Follow these simple patterns for the crochet coasters and you will have crafted coasters in no time! It is time to throw together a few coasters. If you browse through the internet, you could discover numerous crocheted coasters. There are fruit and flowers, stars and grannies, and everything else.

Crochet Coaster
Crochet Coaster

Protect your wood furniture from spilling drinks with these cute little crochet circle Coasters. Use your desired color yarn to craft this easy, simple crochet pattern.

Flower Crochet Coaster Tutorial
Flower Crochet Coaster 

These colourful floral crochet coasters can be the exact piece what you’re searching for. These vibrant flowers are guaranteed to make the home bloom with sparkle!

Crochet Animal Coasters
Crochet Animal Coasters

Inspired by the Teddy Bear crochet Coaster pattern, five more friends born! Meet Mr. bunny rabbit, turtle, duck, elephant and dog. All are kind and are more willing to hold the cup so that the table does not get messy.

Easy Crochet Coaster Pattern
Easy Crochet Coaster Pattern

Use a Cotton yarn and a steel crocheting hook for this simple crochet CD coaster pattern. Use some Mexicana yarn for a fabulous color pattern. You will love putting your glass on these CD coasters.

Crochet Owl Coaster
Crochet Owl Coaster

You always enjoy this crochet owl coaster Pattern! It is seamless for your home and also an option to give away as a gift. It is advisable to use Baby Soft yarn together with an F sized hook.

Free Crochet Pattern for Coasters
Crochet Pear Coaster Pattern

With the nice climate we are having, it is a nice idea to make crochet pear coasters. They will be an excellent hostess gift and also lots of fun to use them out for your or summer spring get-togethers!

Free Crochet Coaster Pattern
Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern

These beautiful pairs of crochet heart coasters will enhance up any living room or dining table. The tint is a lovely Valentines red with pure white trim. Make use of 100% cotton yarn.

Crochet Coaster Pattern
Crochet Apple Coaster Pattern

Keep the coffee table safe from brimming cups of cider! You can use this crochet apple coaster pattern as dishcloth too. Knit close and tight for a coaster and do some loose patterns for a dishcloth.

Simple Crochet Coaster
Simple Crochet Coaster

Each crochet glass coaster is designed with the intention of attaching to the base of the footed glass without falling. Wherever you go with the glass, you will always have a crochet coaster with it.

Coaster Crochet Pattern
Coaster Crochet Pattern

If you would like to gift these crochet coasters, make a bunch of them, put it into a crochet holder and pack it with a gift ribbon.

Easy Crochet Coaster
Crochet Halloween Coaster Patterns

Embellish your coffee table with these crochet Halloween coasters. Always use cotton yarn for these coasters, but you can also use acrylic worsted yarn at times.

Crocheted Coasters
Crochet Pumpkin Coaster Patterns

Again, make a crochet pumpkin coaster pattern for your Halloween season. Simply by following simple crocheting instructions, you may enhance it with some cute ideas. Dress up your kids, dress up yourself and even dress up your table with the Halloween coasters.

Crochet Square Coasters
Crochet Square Coaster Patterns

This crochet square pattern is suitable for a learning crocheter. These coasters can be made using single color or multicolor. And yes, depending on the color combination, you can use these coasters for Christmas too.

Crochet Patterns for Coaster
Crochet Leaf Coaster Patterns

These hardwearing and useful crochet leaf coasters were enthused by 1950s fabrics and wallpapers. These coasters are suitable for vintage lovers.

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