28 Dollhouse Bookcases That Can Be Perfect For Your Kids

Dollhouse bookcase can make a fine addition to children’s room. A dollhouse shaped wooden bookcase can be made by yourself for a unique furniture. Since this bookshelf has a unique shape, it attracts kids towards it and encourages reading habits too. Craft them on your own in order to save some money and spend them usefully on buying books.

Floor Dollhouse Bookcase
Dollhouse Bookcase Kit

The dollhouse bookcase kit is available in markets and we can craft it by our own creative ideas. There are also many online tutorials available.

dollhouse bookcase for sale
Dollhouse Bookcase

It is not only about attractive appearance, but storage and organization too. This idea is going to be tremendous in order to make cuter rooms for children.

barbie doll house bookcase
Bookcase Dollhouse Barbie

This Barbie theme is particularly intended for girls. No special design is needed, simply by choosing the appropriate colors to paint, you can give a Barbie touch to the bookshelf.

large dollhouse bookcase
Tall Dollhouse Bookcase

This dollhouse bookcase is designed for toddlers. In this, we can store our books at the top and bottom space is used for children’s accessories.

Corner Dollhouse Bookcase
Dollhouse Cottage Bookcase

We can design the dollhouse bookcase as a cottage building and mount it on a wall. It will look like a home and make the wall more graceful.

Dollhouse Children’s Bookcase
Children’s Dollhouse Bookcase

You can customize the dollhouse according to your kids’ taste and interest. But the main idea is to develop reading habit in children.

Dollhouse Kids Bookcase
Dotty Dolls House Bookcase

Dotty is a doll used to decorate the bookcase and to attract small children. Either we can use its stickers or place a doll itself at the top of the bookshelf.

dollhouse bookcase furniture
Dollhouse Furniture Bookcase

Wooden materials are used to craft this dollhouse bookcase and it will be strong when compared to other materials. It is value added furniture to your kid’s room.


dollhouse bookcase woodworking plans
Dollhouse Bookcase Woodworking

Very simple woodwork is involved in the creation of dollhouse bookcase. Detailing can be done with paints and doll’s stickers.

free dollhouse bookcase plans
Purple Dollhouse Bookcase

The purple color is particularly intended for kids due to its cool and calm effect. They give a serene appearance to your kids’ room.

Dollhouse Revolving Bookcase

The main advantage of this revolving bookcase is we can rotate the bookshelves as we need for selecting the books.

For building Dollhouse Bookcase, we present some more ideas below:

dollhouse bookcase diy
DIY Dollhouse Bookcase
Kids Room Dollhouse Bookcase
Dollhouse Baby Bookcase
dollhouse bookcase plans
Dollhouse Bookcase Plan
dollhouse bookcase with doors
Dollhouse Bookcase Ideas
dollhouse bookcase wood
Dollhouse Wooden Bookcase
Diy Dollhouse from Bookcase
Dollhouse Bookshelf DIY
Dollhouse Toddler Bookcase
Dollhouse Nursery Bookcase
dollhouse shaped bookshelf
Dollhouse Shaped Bookcase
dollhouse storage bookcase
Dollhouse Bookshelf for Storage
Personalized Dollhouse Bookcase
Girls’ Dollhouse Bookcase
How to Build a Dollhouse Bookcase
Making Dollhouse Bookcase
Narrow Dollhouse Bookcase
Off-White Dollhouse Bookcase
small dollhouse bookcase
Pink Dollhouse Bookcase
Unfinished Dollhouse Bookcase
Reclaimed Wood Dollhouse Bookcase
dollhouse bookcase foremost
Simple Dollhouse Bookcase
how to make a dollhouse bookcase
Building a Dollhouse Bookcase
dollhouse bookcase big lots
Cheap Dollhouse Bookcase


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