14 Beautiful Crochet Earring Patterns

When most people imagine of crochet patterns, they always think of doilies. Yes, doilies are very beautiful – the skill required to create them is extraordinary. But what else could you do with yarn? There is a lot else including beautiful crochet earrings, completely made with crochet knitting thread. They are a quick accessory to craft for yourself, and also serves as a thoughtful and charming gift!

Crochet Earring Pattern Diagram
Crochet Earring Pattern Diagram

It is always helpful to plan everything before putting the hands directly. So, draw a blueprint of crochet earring pattern diagram that you are going to craft. This will help you to refer in the midway of the project.

crochet hoop earring patterns free
Crochet Earring Patterns Hoop

Love these crochet hoop earrings pattern, they are delicate but beautiful! You should use a very tiny hook for these hoop earrings.

Crochet Earring Patterns Beads
Crochet Earring Patterns with Beads

Learning how to crochet earring patterns with beads does not need any exceptional tricks. If you have mastered the single crocheting and have some attractive beads on hand, now you are ready.

crochet snowflake earrings free pattern
Crochet Snowflake Earring Patterns

These crochet snowflake earring patterns are knitted using pure white cotton thread. Both earring has a hanging glass pearl giving a classic, elegant touch. It is an impeccable gift for holiday season or a winter wedding.

new crochet earring patterns
Thread Crochet Earring Patterns

Being beautiful and elegant, these thread crochet earring patterns are so popular. They are particularly suitable for kids since the thread results in small and soft earrings than using yarn.

crochet earring patterns free
Christmas Crochet Earring Patterns

The Christmas crochet earrings are fun to craft for your own use or as a Christmas gift. Apart from wearing, they are also used for decorating Christmas tree.

crochet doily earring patterns
Crochet Doily Earring Patterns

Crochet doily earring patterns don’t need to be the exact size as customary table doilies. Crochet mini thread and a small hook to make these in a size that are perfect for earrings.

crochet wire earring patterns
Crochet Wire Earring Patterns

Do you realize that you can craft jewelry by combining customary crochet stitches and tools with wire? Through a bit of training, you can make stunning wearable crochet wire earring patterns. Crocheting by wire is completely different from knitting with thread or yarn.

free online crochet earring patterns
Crochet Flower Earring Patterns

Flowers are always a girly thing and crochet flowers don’t need to explain themselves. These crochet flower earring patterns do not consume a lot of yarn.

Crochet Halloween Earring Patterns
Crochet Halloween Earring Patterns

Whether you are observing the Halloween or Day of the Dead, the skulls on these crochet Halloween earring pattern add just the correct touch.

simple crochet earring patterns
Crochet Rose Earring Patterns

Seamless in any color, the crocheted rose earring patterns would complete a casual or formal clothing. They can be crafted quickly with crocheting thread for gifting or special event.

Crochet Pineapple Earring Patterns
Crochet Pineapple Earring Patterns

These crochet pineapple earrings are absolutely gorgeous and elegant. However, this project involves a lot of commitment due to its dual shade.

Some more free earring patterns to crochet can be viewed below:

Crochet Earring Patterns in Hoop
Crochet Earring Patterns in Hoop


Crochet Heart Earring Patterns
Crochet Heart Earring Patterns


easy crochet earring patterns
Green Earring Pattern
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