35 Easy Crochet Bookmarks Patterns to Try

Be ready for the next holiday or birthday party with these crochet bookmarks patterns. You can definitely crochet many of them since they get completed in no time and you will always have additional handmade gifts for eleventh-hour emergencies! These Crochet bookmarks are always a prodigious easy gift or humble crochet project for own use! Crafting these patterns are a ton of fun.

crochet bookmarks easy
Crochet Bookmarks For Beginners

This is a great crochet bookmark pattern for the beginners. The added details will give you some rehearsal crocheting in the round.

crochet beaded bookmark
Crochet Bookmarks With Beads

Beads may add that extraordinary touch to the crocheted bookmarks. Even if you are a long time crocheter, using beads produces a whole new aspect.

crochet rose bookmark pattern free
Crochet Bookmarks Rose

If you would like to gift your spouse with personal touch, go for these crochet rose bookmarks. It is very simple. These crochet roses are easy and can be completed quickly.

crochet bookmark cross
Crochet Bookmarks Cross Pattern

An opene shell stitch has been used to craft this lovely crochet cross bookmark bordered with a secondary color for additional accent, and then clipped with a lengthy tassel.

crochet angel bookmarks patterns
Crochet Bookmark Angel

This might be a nice cute embellishment on a cap (removing the long part obviously) or even accompany every hat with that scripture tag. These crochet angel bookmarks are suitable for holy books.

crochet animal bookmarks patterns
Crochet Animal Bookmarks

These crochet animal bookmarks are perfectly suitable for your kids story books and coloring books. They love their books just for these animal bookmarks.

crochet apple bookmark pattern
Crochet Apple Bookmark

These funny apple crochet bookmarks are created using a paperclip – They would be a great gift for teachers, since it is perfect for teachers for using in text books.

Crochet Bookmark Butterfly
Crochet Bookmark Butterfly

You can give these crochet bookmark butterfly as a thank you gift to someone special. Do not forget to block the pattern using starch before gifting.

Crochet Bookmark Bracelet
Crochet Bookmark Bracelet

This bookmark can be worn as a bracelet too. To wear this crochet bookmark as a bracelet, simply place that button loop around that big button.

Crochet Bible Bookmarks
Crochet Bible Bookmarks

The patterns are very straight forward. You will need some 10 size crochet thread as well as a 1.65mm crocheting hook.

crochet bookworm bookmark instructions
Crochet Bookworm Bookmarks

One among the things that the book readers like and never have so many of, are the bookmarks. These crocheted bookworm bookmarks are easy and simple to craft, even for somebody who is a beginner crochet.

Crochet Bunny Bookmark
Crochet Bunny Bookmark

This easy and quick crochet bunny bookmark would make a really perfect gift for the book lovers. A pretty little gift but an amazing idea for using up the scrap yarn.

Crochet Bow Bookmark
Crochet Bow Bookmark

These crochet bow bookmarks are simple, Cute, and inexpensive! Through this cute bow, you will never lose the page!

Crochet Bird Bookmark
Crochet Bird Bookmark

This UNIQUE BIRD BOOKMARK is easy to knit and will be a peculiar quick (can be made in less than one hour) gift for the best teacher!

Some more Patterns which are worth trying….

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    There are no links to the patterns on your pages. How do I get the patterns.


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      Let me know the pattern you need. I would provide you the links for them!



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    Could I please get a link to the Bible bookmark? Thanks!

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