16 Lovely Crochet Backpack Patterns

You may think that you have crocheted all items out there, but there is something more to create by hand. For instance, have you ever tried to crochet a backpack pattern? These backpacks are the perfect idea to gear up for heading to school or for short trips. These crochet backpack patterns are easy and simple for those who are well-versed with crocheting.

crochet owl backpack pattern
Crochet Owl Backpack Pattern

This crochet owl bag is perfect for little ones – no buttons or beads to come off and it is great for the kindergarten kids!

animal backpack crochet pattern free
Crochet Owl Backpack Pattern

This owl crochet bag is a convenient way for carrying little things and these pretty backpacks are very easy to crochet for him or her!

crochet turtle backpack pattern free
Crochet Turtle Backpack Pattern

This pattern uses worsted light weighted yarn in three colours : green, brown and orange. Even though this pattern was generally designed with a zip closure, you can also make use of buttonband closure.

crochet turtle backpack pattern free
Crochet Turtle Backpack Pattern

Not only the turtle, you can also make lovely turtle shell patterns by knitting some hexagonal shapes and by connecting them each other. Atlast, stich the zip, connect the straps and a beautiful turtle shell backpack is ready.

crochet dora backpack pattern
Dora Backpack Pattern

You can knit your own Backpack through Dora the Explorer! This design is not tough since this is already a toy (however it may be worn certainly).

backpack patterns to crochet
Backpack Patterns to Crochet

Knitted flat on traditional needles, you might find it easy to knit the rounded flap on the circular needles. This backpack has top flap along with snap closure, flexible comfy shoulder straps and double side pockets.

crochet backpack bag pattern
Crochet Mini Backpack Pattern

These mini backpacks are specially intended for kids. This is a suitable crochet bag for camp, school or wherever kids might require a backpack.

crochet backpack patterns free
Crochet Backpack Patterns

This tiny/ mini backpack is intended for decorating a crochet animal toy and they can be used as little purses.

Crochet Teddy Bear Backpack Patterns
Crochet Teddy Bear Backpack Patterns

This bear shaped backpack is made by really simple stitches, along with a closing flap in the shape of the face of a bear. It is easy to create and will be instantly loved by kids.

Crochet Giraffe Backpack Patterns
Crochet Giraffe Backpack Patterns

This giraffe crochet backpack will be a bit more difficult than the bear shaped one. The head is 3D, using amigurumi skills. It is totally worth the efforts, though, while you end up creating a backpack which is so precious!

crochet drawstring backpack pattern free
Crochet Drawstring Backpack Pattern

This type of drawstring backpack uses really simple crochet stitches which are knitted in a fascinating way, so it is a beautiful crochet pattern for somebody who is creating a crochet backpack first time.

crochet backpack patterns free
Crochet Backpack Patterns

To thread the drawstring, take a small cord and cut it half. Tie a big knot at the end of both piece and then thread the cord inside and outside of the buttonholes. Adjust the dimension of these cords and re-tie knots at the ends.

crochet ladybug backpack pattern
Crochet Ladybug Backpack Pattern

Your little girl will definitely love carrying her things in this exclusive ladybug back pack. Crocheted with the machine wash & dry yarn, it is easy to maintain its great look during travelling and especially during adventure trip.

crochet ladybug backpack free pattern
Ladybug Backpack Crochet Pattern

You cannot use any colour of yarn you wish. Only red and black coloured yarn should be used since it is a unique creature design. Adjust the hook size so your stitches should be as close-fitting as possible.

free crochet patterns for backpack purse
Crochet Backpack Purse Pattern

The crochet backpack purse pattern is intended for carrying money and other posh things since they are safer than any other backpack patterns.

Backpack Purse Crochet Pattern
Crochet Pattern Backpack Purse

This is another of its kind which is pretty simple to create.

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