Looking to crochet a placemat pattern? – 21 Simple Patterns to Use

Set your desk stylishly this season with homemade, charming crochet placemat patterns. These patterns feature playful or elegant designs which you can modify with colors in order to match your plates or the season. Check out the below assortment of placemat patterns to crochet for a perfect grace on your holiday banquets.

crochet placemat patterns beginners
Crochet Placemat Patterns for Beginners

This type of crochet pattern is simple enough for beginners, but cute enough to inspire experts. Stitch up this setting for a seasonal brunch. Your invitees will appreciate those handmade details of the table!

crochet oval placemat pattern free
Easy Crochet Oval Placemat Patterns

This crocheted oval placemat and coaster create the perfect background for any table. These oval placemat patterns serve as decoration as well.

circular crochet placemat patterns
Crochet Round Placemat Patterns

This pattern is a plain, simple round crocheted placemat setting. This design can be easily modified by you. You may continue to increase rounds making the placemat bigger if you like.

crochet sunflower placemat patterns
Crochet Flower Placemat Patterns

Doubting how to use your leftover nylon string from the Easter bag pattern? Craft this springtime crochet Flower Placemat which will be prodigious for outdoor use.

Crochet Rectangle Placemat Patterns
Crochet Rectangle Placemat Patterns

This crochet rectangle placemat pattern is the perfect decoration for a country style kitchen. Since there are no delicate stiches or curves, they are very easy for beginners.

free christmas crochet placemat patterns
Christmas Crochet Placemat Patterns

If you like to crochet and would love to make handmade placemats, then you will love this fantastic project. This Christmas crochet Placemat set is a delightful way to set the table on Christmas day morning.

cotton yarn crochet placemat patterns
Cotton Yarn Crochet Placemat Patterns

Brighten up your dining table with these modern , bold cotton yarn crochet placemats. When crafted in hundred percent absorbable cotton, this crochet placemat can certainly become a dishcloth.

Crochet Fall Placemat Pattern
Crochet Fall Placemat Pattern

As the weather becomes colder, pick up the crocheting yarn and hook to make some popular fall crochet placemat patterns.

Filet Crochet Placemat Patterns
Filet Crochet Placemat Patterns

Worked in a filet crochet, including full page chart, this pretty placemat has a butterfly and leaf motif among full mesh and with a bordered edge.

free vintage crochet placemat patterns
Vintage Crochet Placemat Patterns

This bone ring pattern gives a retro effect to the table. These vintage crochet placemat patterns are ideal for family get-together.

free tunisian crochet placemat patterns
Tunisian Crochet Placemat Patterns

This Tunisian crochet placemat pattern is worked in round or flat with double-ended hook. It makes use of thick yarn so that it is durable.

simple crochet placemat patterns
Crochet Sunflower Placemat Patterns

Crochet sunflower placemat patterns set is an evergreen, and certainly a welcome stylish add-on to your next outing, BBQ, lunch, or birthday party. Otherwise, just to enhance up your table set inside!

Crochet Thread Placemat Patterns
Crochet Thread Placemat Patterns

These luxuriously textured crochet thread placemats make the seamless accent to any country-style, traditional or contemporary kitchen. The design is original and fresh, and it is a timeless definitive style.

Some more patterns you may like:

Crochet Placemats and Coasters Patterns
Crochet Placemats and Coasters Patterns


crochet placemat patterns free
Crochet Table Placemat Patterns


Crochet Snowflake Placemat Patterns
Crochet Snowflake Placemat Patterns


free crochet patterns placemats coasters
Crochet Coaster and Placemat Patterns


crochet placemat patterns for beginners
Crochet Placemat Patterns for Beginners


crochet placemat crochet pattern red heart
Crochet Placemat Crochet Pattern Red Heart


Round Crochet Placemat Patterns
Round Crochet Placemat Patterns


crochet placemat patterns easy
Christmas Crochet placemat Pattern
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