22 Amazing Paracord Necklace Patterns For Your Next DIY Project

Irrespective of the number of neck accessories you might be having, the inclusion of an attractive necklace is all one needs for redefining the way you carry yourself. Among the most versatile options, paracord has been widely used for creating a number of fashion accessories which includes the popular necklaces. Making your own paracord necklace can be an easy task if you have or buy paracord supplies from the market.

How to Make a Paracord Necklace?

Watch the paracord necklace tutorial below to create an awesome yet simple neckpiece in no time at all.

You may also follow the step by step paracord necklace instructions discussed in the video below to create an amazing braided necklace design.

Paracord Necklace Pictures
Cool Paracord Necklace

Being a bulky neckpiece made by braiding the solid colored paracords, this can be created quite easily by wrapping the ends in the form of checkered strings.

Paracord Necklace
Prayer Beaded Paracord Necklace

The design here is integrated by using three colors of parachute cords and the hail mary knots being combined to its end for creating the boho-chic neckpiece.

Paracord Necklace for Men

For men, paracord necklaces are also an ideal choice for having a different look that not only looks attractive but exotic as well.

Paracord Necklace buckle
Paracord Necklace with Buckle

This neat looking paracord pattern is simple to make by using basic knot components.

Paracord Necklaces Clasp
Multi-Knot Paracord Necklace
Paracord Lanyard Necklace

In case you wish to make something advanced that requires some amount of efforts, paracord lanyards can be used for whipping a paracord necklace.

Chunky Statement Paracord Necklace

This tests your creativity to an extent as you use jump rings over an old purse handle to form a necklace chain by using paracords.

550 Paracord Necklace

The pendant attached to the paracord neckpiece here transforms the way in which it bestows its impact on the onlooker.

Paracord Survival Necklace
Fusion Paracord Necklace

The necklace here combines light & dark colors that goes well with both formal and casual apparels looking both bold and gorgeous at the same time.

DIY Paracord Necklace

In case it’s unconventional kind of a neckpiece that you are searching for, then this finger knit neon paracord can definitely be a choice to bank upon.

Wide Paracord Necklace

For all those who want to make a wide paracord necklace in quick time, you can take inspiration from the solid colored paracords clubbed with cylindrical beads and coils.

Easy Paracord Necklace

This piece of necklace is sturdy as it uses nylon ropes attached to the buckle through a creatively different knotting technique.

Paracord Baseball Necklace
Paracord Necklace Pattern
Paracord Necklace Project
Paracord Necklace Style
Paracord Bullet Necklace
Paracord Cross Necklace
Knotted Paracord Necklace
Paracord Necklace Design
Woven Paracord Necklace
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