11 Macramé Hammock Patterns and Supplies

Macramé, the customary sailor’s skill in crocheting has been utilized in a very easy form for the orchard hammock. A wonderful spot to relax during a hot summer daytime, this Macramé hammock is a divine addition to your garden furniture. Take it for camping or craft one for a kid’s bedroom or create a hammock to a smaller scale for hanging those piles of toy animals in.

Macramé Hammock Tutorial
Macramé Hammock Patterns

The basic plan of this Macramé hammock can be used for a number of things, all you want is a slight imagination and some basic material to begin work with. The fabric of the Macramé hammock is usually traditional netting.

Macrame Rope Hammock
Macramé Hammock Materials

You would require metal rings which are 2 inches in diameter, 2 twenty inch length wood, varnish, hook, hooks or needles in large size, yarn in whatever color you wish and extra string if needed.

Macramé Hammock Knot
Macramé Hammock Knot

Make a loop along with the upper string. Take the lower string beneath the loop, tie itself down through the twist. When you’ve tied the main hammock knot called clew know, leave six inches free. Repeat this process to get a sturdy knot.

macrame hammock instructions
Macramé Hammock Project

Usually, for macramé hammock, a spiral stitch or cross stitch is used. You can also use double crochet method, but it will be time-consuming. If you use double crochet method, an additional foam is not needed for the hammocks since this will give extra smoothness and thickness.

Macrame Hammock Chair Pattern
Macramé Hammock Chair Patterns

This macramé Hammock Chair is simple to make, however, time-consuming because of its large size. It is a Macramé task that is appropriate for beginners, however, as it is not difficult. This hanging macramé chair features a “pocket” which a person can snuggle in to adore the outdoors in luxury.

Macramé Toy Hammock Pattern
Macramé Toy Hammock Pattern

You can make a couple of macramé hammocks for your kids’ stuffed toys or for your toddler. They will help a lot to stay away from picking them and out of the floor. Your kids will also have more fun by throwing the stuffed toys in it more than playing with them.

By following simple macrame a hammock instructions, you can create some more designs like the ones below:

macrame hammock patterns free
Macrame Hammock Image
Macrame Hammock Pattern
DIY Macramé Hammock
How to Make a Macramé Hammock
Macrame Hammock Chair Instructions
How to Macrame a Hammock
How to Tie a Macramé Hammock
macrame toy hammock pattern
Macrame Toy Hammock Pattern

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