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Pomellato an Italy based company was established in the year 1967 by and at present positions among the initial five European diamond setters by deals. It is currently piece of Kering.

pomellato earrings pomellato earrings

Pomellato started working in 1967, presenting the idea of the prêt-à-porter adornments, the thought that gems is a grown-up toy as well as an assistant to be worn at any minute any day and changed like garments. In the 1990s, Pomellato especially centered around utilizing “colored stones”. The organization has likewise made its stamp in delivering chains.

pomellato earrings pomellato earrings

By 2007, to praise its 40th year, the brand introduced its “top of the line” adornments with the dispatch of the Pom gathering: 40 interesting, valuable pieces sold only by appointment in Paris, New York, Monte Carlo, and Milan.

pomellato earrings pomellato earrings

During October 2009, Andrea Morante took the chair as a new CEO of the Company and minority shareholder of Ra.mo, (Holding Company of Rabolini family) that controls the Pomellato &Dodo brands.

Kering later acquired Pomellato in the year 2013.

Pomellato gems have extremely conspicuous peculiarities: the accentuation on adjusted and material structures. The pavé given an unpredictable, arbitrary style by utilizing gemstones of different sizes and/or shades.

pomellato earrings

The Pomellato campaign during 1960s were endowed to Mr. Franco Scheichenbauer. During the year 1971, Pomellato began working along the expert of highly contrasting photography, Gian Paolo Barbieri. Starting from 1982 to 1984, the campaigns by the brand were signed by the Helmut Newton. Gian Paolo Barbieri came back in 1988 & 1989, responsible for customary publicizing fights furthermore more extensive ventures like “The Maps of Desire”, 1989 and “Innatural” of 2004, in which the jewelry was shot in tropical settings. By 1990s saw a progression of photographic artists like Alistair Taylor Young, Javier Vallhonrat and Lord Snowdon. In 2001, Pomellato withdrew from black & white photography headed by Michel Comte.

pomellato earrings pomellato earrings

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