Crochet a Rose Flower: 33 Inspiring Patterns

Crocheting roses is always a fun because you don’t see the actual flower take shape till you reach the final stage. When you’re finished, it’s like a mini surprise! Make some flowers like this, stich it on, and there is another magic! With simple skills, you could make these crochet roses in a few minutes and just add a little flair to anything.Crochet a Rose bud

crochet a little rose
Enhance the beauty of any crochet item in your home with this Super-Fast Rosebud. It is an easy and quick crochet pattern to finish and would look prodigious on your summer and spring crochet designs.

Crochet a Large Rose

how to crochet a rose flower
Make use of this exclusive crochet pattern to crochet your large rose, in any size as per your wish. This large crochet rose is perfect for any decoration, as well as will act like a perfect cornerstone for all setting.

Crochet a Rone Granny Sqaure

how to crochet a rose granny square

Any room of your house would be more colorful and elegant when ornamented with the Rose Granny Squared Crochet Pattern. Every granny square includes its unique 3D rose flowering out of it.

Crochet a Rose Leaf

crochet rose and leaf pattern
Crocheting a rose leaf follows the same pattern as the flower but in a different shape. You can stich numerous leaves and interconnect them to make a beautiful crochet blanket or towel.

Crochet a Rose Petal

how to crochet a rose petal
Crocheting a rose petal is a modified version of crocodile stitch since it has a same (however different) overall appearance but in a much simple way.

Crochet a Rose for a Hat

crochet rose for hat

These pretty crochet roses are easy and complete quickly. They will be a perfect decor for a crochet headband or crochet hat. Also, try them with a hair clip or band for a pretty hair accessory.

Crochet a Rose Stem

crochet rose and stem
Crochet Rose and Stem Pattern

To make the crochet rose stem, utilize a pipe cleaner with appropriate length of floral wire. Bend it half and then make a twist at the fold (you might need pliers for helping you with this in case you use a stiff wire).

Crochet an Irish Rose
crochet irish rose
In order to crochet an Irish rose, you would need a needle with a large hook than usual according to the thickness of the yarn.

Crochet a Rose Brooch

crochet rose brooch pattern
A crochet add-on like a crochet rose brooch is an excellent way to set you apart from others. It also serves as a great last minute gift.

Crochet a Rose Bouquet
crochet rose bouquet

Crochet a Baby Rose
how to crochet a baby rose
This crochet baby rose measuring about 2″ x 2″ roughly including leaves, will be perfect for acting as an applique in hats or booties, perhaps even make your necklace more attractive.

Crochet a Cabbage Rose

crochet cabbage rose
These crochet cabbage roses are cool additions to baskets and bags! This type of pattern can be made in any yarn or thread.

Crochet a Christmas Rose
crochet christmas rose pattern
These simple crochet Christmas roses are perfect for ornamenting anything you wish especially the Christmas tree. The pattern is also targeted for placing onto Christmas gifts.

Crochet Rose Earrings
crochet rose earrings
The crochet rose earrings, all simply made with the crochet thread but gives a cozy look. They are an excellent quick accessory for yourself as well as for gifting your fun-loving friends.

Crochet a Chinese Rose
how to crochet a chinese rose
This crochet Chinese rose can be used for decorating the finished product if there is persistence, patience and sufficient yarn. You could use crochet Chinese roses for children’s blanket and vest, and rugs.

Some Inspiring Crochet Rose Patterns Below


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