13 Ideas to Crochet Shrug Patterns For Various Purposes

Crocheted shrugs are always the perfect little thing to wear when there is coolness in the air. This precise short jacket is intended to supply just the correct amount of warmth that is needed when it is too scorching for a huge sweater but too icy for a tank top. Crochet an easy shrug from any of these stylish patterns and you will always have in hand what to wear on when the climate is slightly cool or while the air conditioner is working in full swing.

crochet shrug pattern free plus size
Crochet Shrug Patterns Plus Size

The pattern of this specific shrug makes it suitable for plus size ladies. This crochet pattern is quick and easy as well as expandable to one or more sizes.

crochet shrug baby pattern
Crochet Shrug Pattern for Toddlers

These little crochet shrugs for toddlers are a great cover for weather that is moderately cool and a cute addition to all outfit. Besides, these sizes are quick projects to create!

Crochet Shrug Pattern Bulky Yarn
Crochet Shrug Pattern Bulky Yarn

This pattern makes use of super bulky-weighted yarn. This pattern should be worked as a single piece, not an organized one which helps you to get its full warmth effect.

shrug crochet pattern lace
Crochet Shrug Pattern for Wedding

Crocheting your own wedding attire or accessory will give you more pleasure and make the occasion more memorable. Add some white lace to the crochet wedding shrugs to match it with the gown.

crochet bolero jacket patterns free
Crochet Patterns Shrugs Boleros

Ensure to pack this crocheted shrug bolero in your luggage if you are heading on vacation. This bolero shimmering shrug is impeccable for a candle light dinner on the seashore.

Crochet Shrug Baby Pattern
Crochet Shrug Baby Pattern

The yarn should be chosen carefully while making this shrug for a baby. The shrug should not only be warm, but also soft and comfortable for baby’s delicate skin.

cotton crochet shrug cardigan pattern
Crochet Shrug Cardigan Pattern

Cover yourself up with this crochet shrug cardigan if you want a bit more comfort. This type of shrug pattern will keep you cozy and warm during any season.

Crochet Circular Shrug Patterns
Crochet Circular Shrug Patterns

These circular shrug patterns are used as scarfs or just a wrap over the head. Wearing and removing this circular shrug is easy, but knitting it in the exact shape is quite difficult.

Crochet Lace Shrug Patterns
Crochet Lace Shrug Patterns

This light, lovely, lacy shrug looks much complex to make than it really is. This lace shrug is very easy to make and utilizes only six hundred yards of yarn. The lacy charms of these shrugs make it perfect for all occasion.

Long Sleeve Crochet Shrug Patterns
Long Sleeve Crochet Shrug Patterns

Since the long sleeve crocheted shrugs give extra warmth and coziness, they are suitable for an outing during winter evenings. This type of shrug is perfect for thin girls.

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crochet bolero pattern child
Crochet Bolero Pattern for Child


crochet bolero sweater patterns
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tunisian crochet shrug patterns
Crochet Shrug Jacket Pattern
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