11 Cool Crochet Hammock Patterns

Crocheting a hammock yourself sounds hard. However, with the simple basic stitching techniques and loads of imagination, you can create one yourself! Relaxing on a hammock is a pleasure and if that is made by your own hands, the feel is heavenly. And, here is some basic information to get an idea on crochet hammocks.

Crochet Hammock Instructions & Requirements

crochet hammock patterns free

There are many durable and practical knitting tools available for hammock creation. However, a flawless rounded sharp needle point will be enough for smooth knitting.

crochet hammock patterns

And the other requirement is a cotton string or yarn, which is not too stretchy. It could be any thickness and any color you think would be good for the ambience.

Crochet Hammock Patterns

crochet toy hammock pattern free

This pattern is used for hanging things in the room corner. It is an easy shape that can be completed within an hour. Since it is a loose and open pattern, it makes use of relatively little yarn, hence it’s a great way to utilize leftover yarn.

crochet hammock pattern baby

This pattern is called as Basket weave Hammock. It is approximately 54 inches in length. This design is made with two parts of knitting leftover yarn.

crochet patterns for toy hammock

This corner toy hammock would also rest on a smooth wall. It actually helps to keep the room clean and provides much more space to sleep.

free crochet baby hammock patterns

This type of toy storage hammock can be hung in the corners. It is a great idea to enclose stuffed animals as well as keep them visible.

crochet baby hammock pattern free

These white colored crocheted hammocks are specially made for babies to give them a soothing effect. The soft cotton yarn will be appropriate for the baby’s delicate skin.

free crochet baby hammock patterns

These kinds of baby hammocks are a great source of relaxation, when you hang and move from sideways either. It has lovely tassels and a fine secure pouch has been built in for keeping the baby safe and secure.

crochet pattern hammock chair

With some tools and a few basic math skills, you will have a stunning chair that boasts your DIY skills. This type of hammock is made with the macrame technique that requires tying cords together.

crochet hammock chair pattern

Every so often, relaxing at the porch needs a stylish and comfortable hammock. This crochet is very basic however it just appears to be so cozy due to the setting!

crochet banana hammock pattern

This type of hammock should be a bit long, because if you put more stuff inside it, then the size would be compact by the rise in bulk.

crochet hammock swing pattern

This interactive crochet swing sculpture resembling the crochet playgrounds is a great way for relaxing. This one is too comfy to utilize as a bed too.

crochet hammock swing pattern

If you are reusing rags or fabric strips for this swing hammock, just check to ensure you’re satisfied with the width, since it won’t expand as much as the yarn will. Do not forget to include some decorative materials to refurbish the rags.

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