Cheerleader Costume Patterns over the years

Despite the fact that you may not accept it by seeing the outfits sported today, cheerleader costumes began conservatively. With the arrival of the twentieth century, a dominant sections of team dancers were men, and they didn’t wear outfits yet simply partook wearing road garments.

cheerleader costume 1 cheerleader costume

Females did join positions of dance leads, and while they came to the arena, the cheerleading costumes worn were proper for the day.

cheerleader costume cheerleader costume

Here and there turtleneck shirt was layered beneath the cardigan for extra warmth for team dancers outside. A bull horn (a gadget used to increase the volumes of the dance leads) would frequently go with the cheerleading regalia and they had the school letters on them too. Pom poms, an alternate well-known cheerleading embellishment, began to show up as a piece of cheerleading uniform during the early 1930’s. The 1st pom poms were made using paper by Fred Gastoff who imagined vinyl pom poms in  the year 1965.

cheerleader costume cheerleader costume

First and foremost phases, the male dance leads wore trousers while the ladies would wear lower leg length downy skirts. During the 1950’s the lengths of these skirts started to get shorter yet were still thought to be conservative. The footwear for female team dancers were the saddle shoes. Male team dancers would frequently wear level, canvas tennis shoes.

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Amid the 1960’s skirts changed drastically in terms of their lengths. The knee length skirts were now worn as a uniform by the female team cheerleaders that featured shorter and creased skirts. Cotton started being utilized as the fabric of decision for cheerleading uniform skirts, and the utilization of cotton made the skirts lighter and made for simpler development. Cardigan sweaters were supplanted by group neck sweaters (frequently short sleeved). You would normally discover the school letters on the sweaters yet a few squads would fuse the name of the dance lead on the cheerleading uniform sweaters too.

cheerleader costume cheerleader costume cheerleader costume

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