38 Creatively Sober Burlap Valance

Burlap is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. You can purchase it from your local craft store and it comes in a wide variety of colors these days. Even if you don’t generally like the usual brownish color, you can find other colors to complete your crafts. Grab that burlap and get started on one of the amazing things.

burlap valance no sew
Make a No-Sew Burlap Tie-Up Window Valance

The burlap cloth is used for making the no sew curtain. It will be less expensive, but the result is a pretty look for the window.

burlap coffee bag valance
Burlap Coffee Bean Sack Window Valance

The burlap sack is used to make the window valance, which gives a smart look for the home and attracts everyone.

burlap waterfall valance
Burlap Waterfall Valance

The burlap is designed for windows and appears as if water is falling from a mountain. It is different but in this deign we cannot open and close the burlap valance.


burlap star lined valance
Burlap Valances with Stars

The stars design is used to decorate the burlap valance to make the valance different and trendy to catch the attention of guests.

Burlap Tie up Valance

In this, we can tie the burlap valance by using threads and can be tied up in different styles to make the window stylish.

burlap scarf valance
Burlap Stripe Valance

The stripe can draw in a burlap valance by using the permanent marker and it makes the valance more special.

Burlap Sack Valance

We can use the burlap sack as window valance and it can be hung by using clips, ribbons or Velcro.

Burlap Scarf Valance

We can design the burlap as a scarf and hang it on a window at the top, after which normal curtains can be joined. It will give an eye-catching look to the window.

burlap window valance
Burlap Swag Valance

Design the burlap valance as swag type and hang it in a window in various styles with no effort and money.

burlap coffee valance
Brown Burlap Valance

The cost of burlap cloth is very less when compared with the curtains and we can hang it by using thread or clips or ribbons which are again easily affordable.

Ruffle Burlap Valance

Ruffled type is the most preferred style by the antique lovers. They are not only trendy but also very easy to craft.

making a burlap valance
Burlap ribbon valance

It is the simplest but the coolest idea to decorate your windows in an economic way. The ribbons can be tied up or just rolled around the valance.

Some more patterns which you may like have been featured below:

colored burlap valance
Blue Burlap Valance
buy burlap valance
Burlap Curtain and Valance
burlap natural valance
Burlap Fringed Valance
Burlap Valance Idea
Burlap Valance Ideas
make burlap valance
Linen Burlap Valance
diy burlap ruffled valance
Orange Burlap Valance
gray burlap valance
Burlap and Black Valance
Burlap and Cream Valance
burlap country valances
Burlap and Green Valance
Printed Burlap Valance
Burlap Chevron Valance
burlap balloon valance
Burlap Natural Balloon Valance
Burlap Ruffled Valance
Burlap Valance with Ruffles and Bows
DIY Burlap Valance
Burlap Valance DIY
burlap kitchen valance
Burlap Valance for Kitchen
Burlap Valance Red
burlap lace valance
Burlap Valance with Lace


burlap fabric valances
Chocolate Burlap Valance
DIY Burlap Window Valance
Burlap Balloon Valance
Homemade Burlap Valance in Balloon Pattern
Hand-Stenciled Burlap Valance
Homemade Burlap Valance
Burlap Monogram Valance
Monogrammed Burlap Valance
burlap valance pattern
Navy Burlap Valance
burlap lined valance
Pretty Valance with Lace and Burlap Ribbo
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