31 Beautiful Rope Necklace Patterns

Necklaces or neckpieces are one of the most popular accessories among both men and women. The kinds of options available and stunning designs that are being made available are enough to meet the taste of every individual. DIY ropes made from cords or ropes usually serve as the hanger or clothesline. The following tutorials along with instructions help in preparing amazing neckpieces quite easily.

Instructions to Make a Leather Rope Necklace

Leather Rope Necklace

How to Make a Rope Necklace?

DIY Rope Necklace
DIY Mix Media Decorated Rope Necklace

Rhinestones clubbed with geometrically shaped beads fitted on a necklace make it look pretty pleasing.

DIY Copper and Rope Necklace

This pattern uses copper couplings that serve the need of a locket adding charm to a white necklace.

Necklace of Rope

Make Rope Necklace with Gold Chain

A combination of gold rings over black rope adds to the charm of this beautiful necklace.

Rope Necklace with Gold Chain
Gold Rope Chain Necklace

Instructions to Make a Pendant Rope Necklace

Rope Necklace with Pendant
Metallic Rope Necklace

Another hot favorite is the metallic rope entangled across the colored tape adding a touch of elegance to your necklace.

Anthro Style Rope Necklace

If its winters, it’s this rope necklace that you should be going for. It complements the red & white cardigan perfectly.

Rope Necklace Tutorial
Rope Necklace Worn by Baseball Players

For the baseball players or fans, this is a pattern that you can easily flaunt. If colors of the jersey are same as the ropes, you are definitely going to have one amazingly looking necklace.

DIY Rope and Chain Necklace

The pattern is mostly praised for the lovely pearls attached at its bottom and the white rope running along with the chain.

Rope Necklace Patterns
Tassel Rope Necklace

This one goes perfectly well if you are out for a party wearing a short black sweater dress.

Black Rope Necklace
DIY Knotted leather Pearls

Now this one is super-cool and adds a char to your attire. You might use the leather cord alternatively or may be a white rope that is coupled with the pink pearls.

Pearl Rope Necklace

Here you need to make two braids by using both the rope and the leather for a simplistic appearance.

Instructions to Make a Rope Necklace with Beads

Beaded Rope Necklace
DIY Rope Necklace with Braids

For this particular design you might prefer opting for a red and green rope to make a necklace for the party season.

Braided Rope Necklace
Poly Rope Fringe Necklace

Make thew Paracord Knotted Cross Necklace

In case it’s a gift you are looking for, this one’s the perfect option during Christmas. Opting for the cotton ropes in place of the paracords would also be a good idea. There is a single strand rope having a cross attached at the bottom that gives it a rosary like appearance.

Rope Cross Necklace
Tribal Rope Necklace

This piece combines the magnetic clasps with colorful patterns that completes the necklace with an amazing look.

Rope Necklace DIY

DIY Statement Rope Necklace
Colorful Rope Necklace

For the informal occasions or the day outing when you are sporting the flowering skirt, this bright necklace would simple look mesmerizing.

You must have loved the options we have featured above. However, in case you would like to check out some more alternatives, we feature some of the most popular options recently.

Rope Necklace Idea
Rope Necklace Picture
DIY Nautical Necklace
Nautical Rope Necklace


Silver Rope Necklace
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