34 Inspiring No-Sew Curtains For Your Windows

No-sew curtains add a dash of creativity and color to your windows and doors despite not knowing how to sew. With a little imagination and some simple connectors, you can turn any piece of fabric into an attractive window covering. To make these super easy curtains, choose a fabric that already has finished edges, such as a vintage linen, printed sheet, or pre-hemmed holiday fabric from the craft store. Then pair it with the hook, clip, or grommet that best matches it. Make your own long No-sew blackout curtains by following any of the patterns below: Read more about 34 Inspiring No-Sew Curtains For Your Windows

dollhouse bookcase for sale

28 Dollhouse Bookcases That Can Be Perfect For Your Kids

Dollhouse bookcase can make a fine addition to children’s room. A dollhouse shaped wooden bookcase can be made by yourself for a unique furniture. Since this bookshelf has a unique shape, it attracts kids towards it and encourages reading habits too. Craft them on your own in order to save some money and spend them usefully on buying books. Read more about 28 Dollhouse Bookcases That Can Be Perfect For Your Kids

Outdoor Barrel Table

24 Inspiring DIY Barrel Tables

Wine barrel tables are built using reclaimed barrel heads with either the beautifully wine-stained inner side facing up or the outer side of the barrel head facing up. Barrel heads are branded or stamped on the outer side and these markings tell some of the barrels histories such as wood origin, cooperage and winemaker details. […]

Cool Cardboard Playhouse

25 Creative Cardboard Playhouses For You & Your Kids

Playhouses are an awesome way to build creativity and imagination in your children. They are magical little buildings that can be made out of cardboard and can be taken anywhere. Make your child feel like they have their own nook in this world with these kids’ forts and playhouses. This playhouse is particularly designed for […]

Wine Bottle Candle Holder for Décor

27 Ideas on How to Make Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Candle holders are fun to make and a great way to save money on home décor. And what better way to get into a creative mood than with a few glasses of wine. When your wine bottle is empty, fill up your sink with warm water and a few tablespoons of baking soda. Soak the bottle for 30 minutes while you’re gathering your craft essentials and the label will come off easily. Read more about 27 Ideas on How to Make Wine Bottle Candle Holders