40 All Free Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

Is everyone searching for unique Christmas stockings? You could make a lot of them with the below-listed crochet Christmas stocking patterns. These are classic designs that will make them a treasured heirloom. There is something magical about these Christmas stockings and the celebrations they help create. These crochet Christmas stocking patterns will keep you busy during Christmas when you stuck indoors.

Crochet Christmas Stockings
Crochet Christmas Stockings

There are many tutorials and books available online for creating these crochet Christmas stocking patterns. You could get a clear idea by watching and following the video tutorials.

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking
Crochet Christmas stocking pattern for beginners

Ideal for a beginning crocheter, these simple crochet Christmas stockings are fun and easy to make.  You could impress your family and friends by crocheting everyone’s stockings by your hands.

Crochet Granny Square Christmas Stocking
Crochet Granny Square Christmas Stocking

This is a simple patchwork of granny squares crocheted Christmas stocking pattern with folded back cuffs and a tassel for trim.

Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern
Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern with Name

Custom-made stockings are always very nice to have, as well as it is super easy to craft your own. Whatever pattern you make, simply add your name with the Surface Crochet!

filet crochet christmas stocking
Easy crochet Christmas stocking

With this easy crocheted Christmas stockings, you will have your gift done in short time! As an additional gift, you will have the content of making your own stockings.

crochet christmas stocking mini
Crochet Pattern for Mini Christmas Stockings

Add some fun and charm to your ornament collections with these miniature crochet stocking ornaments. This pattern serves as great gift attachments and is a fun approach to personalize gifts for family and friends.

Tunisian Crochets Christmas Stocking Patterns
Tunisian Crochets Christmas Stocking Patterns

This design was created with worsted thick yarn. If you’d like a smaller or larger stocking, you could use a different weighted yarn and crochet hooks appropriate to the variety of yarn you choose.

crochet christmas stockings free patterns
Crochet Christmas Stocking Cocoon Pattern

Keep your baby close and snuggly by this pretty Santa’s Stocking Crocheted Baby Cocoon! It is the picture-perfect crochet pattern if you’d know someone who is expecting during winter since crocheted baby stuff makes prodigious Christmas gifts!

Chunky Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern
Chunky Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

This chunky crochet Christmas stocking pattern is the perfect for the one who will take time until the last minute to buy gifts. Since this is made of super bulky yarns you can create this pattern just in one hour!

Dog Paws Crochet Christmas Stocking
Dog Paws Crochet Christmas Stocking

This type of doggie stocking is cool to crochet and also is a great technique to become acquainted with pets while you’re a guest in their house.

Felted Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern
Felted Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

Crochet the stockings as usual and after that set the stocking over the felting procedure. It will compress the stockings by one third then will pack the stitches tighter. It looks really gentle when done.

large crochet christmas stocking pattern
Giant Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

Give your bulky friends a crafted high-five by this cute giant crocheted Christmas stocking pattern. It is a surprising design that they won’t soon forget.

1970’s Christmas Stocking Crochet Pattern
Old Fashioned Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

Old is always gold! Get your old fashioned crochet on with this pleasing life-inspired crocheted pattern for Christmas and sink in your old memories.

Free Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern
Crochet Hexagon Christmas Stocking Pattern

Since it is for Christmas, it is ideal to make these stockings in solid red however you can see that the original design has many options for colors for the inner side of the hexagons. Yes, the artistic choice is yours.

Small Crochet Christmas Stocking Free Pattern
Small Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

You can fill these mini Christmas stockings with a tiny candy cane and gift it to make it more special!  You could also use this miniature crocheted Christmas to decorate the Christmas tree.

Crochet Owl Christmas Stocking Pattern
Crochet Owl Christmas Stocking Pattern

This type of owl stocking is gorgeous and it is very easy and quick to make. And this would be a nice presentation for a baby’s 1st Christmas.

crochet christmas stocking with santa
Crochet Christmas Stocking with Santa

Working the back and the front separately is so cool here – it lets you stitch on all those Santa pieces before knitting, making it all very much easier.

If the above was not all, we have some amazing crochet Christmas stocking ideas featured below. Hope you would like them:

tiny crochet christmas stocking pattern
Christmas Stocking Crochet Pattern
Christmas Stocking with Crochet Cable
Christmas Stocking with Crochet Cable

crochet-christmas-stocking-decorations crochet-christmas-stocking-applique

free crochet christmas stocking ornament pattern
Crochet Christmas Stocking Ornament
crochet christmas stocking granny squares
Crochet Christmas Stocking Granny Squares
Classy Crochet Christmas Stocking
Classy Crochet Christmas Stocking
Crocheting Christmas Stockings for Tree Decoration
Crocheting Christmas Stockings for Tree Decoration
long christmas stocking crochet pattern
Crochet Long Christmas Stocking
crochet striped christmas stocking
Crochet Striped Christmas Stocking
crochet christmas stockings patterns
Festive Crochet Christmas Stockings
Heirloom Crochet Christmas Stockings
Heirloom Crochet Christmas Stockings
Patterns for Crochet Christmas Stockings
Kaleidoscopic Crochet Christmas Stocking
crochet lace christmas stocking
Lacy Crochet Christmas Stocking
easy crochet mini christmas stocking
Miniature Crochet Christmas Stockings
Personalized Crochet Christmas Stockings
Personalized Crochet Christmas Stockings
simple crochet christmas stocking
Red Crochet Christmas Stocking
easy crochet christmas stocking for beginners
Snowman Crochet Christmas Stocking
best crochet christmas stocking
Striped Crochet Christmas Stockings
crochet big christmas stocking
Unique Crochet Christmas Stockings
crochet cat christmas stocking
Cat Crochet Christmas Stockings
crochet little christmas stocking
Crochet Christmas Stocking for Baby
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