17 Inspiring Ideas to Crochet a Teddy Bear Pattern

Everyone likes a teddy bear, particularly kids who will be gladdened by that cuddle toy in their beginning years and carry those memories forward with them till adulthood. Below listed are some adorable teddy bear patterns to crochet with your crafty hands. Make them for your little ones and get their bonus kisses.

crochet teddy bear applique free pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Applique Patterns

Most of these flat crochet teddy bear patterns are simply adorable. They can be stitched with baby blankets, caps and the backside of baby sweaters.

crochet amigurumi teddy bear pattern free
Amigurumi Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

This amigurumi crochet teddy bear is approximately six to eight inches tall while in sitting position depending on the look size and yarn weight. You can crafet these teddy bear in all sizes but the tiny ones are more adorable.

filet crochet teddy bear afghan pattern
Filet Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

This type of teddy bear pattern is suitable for cushion covers, blankets and the curtains of your kid’s room. They are extremely adorable and will be something to treasure as your kids get older.

free crochet teddy bear afghan pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Afghan Pattern

Getting ready for a new born baby is a lot of fun, and you’d need a softy yarn which is as cool to huddle as the baby is. The teddy bear afghan pattern is so cute, since it has a fascinating pixelated style. It makes use of a corner crochet method which is easy to master, still ensures that your crochet afghan pattern stands out.

filet crochet teddy bear blanket pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Blanket Pattern

If you are searching for an easy crocheted blanket as a gift for the next baby shower to wow everyone, choose this appealing Crochet Teddy Bear Baby Blanket pattern that girls or even boys will love. It’s rare to choose a gift that could suit for any baby, hence snap this design up before anybody else.

free crochet teddy bear beanie pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Beanie Pattern

I think many people could not resist smiling while seeing an adorable kid with a cute teddy bear beanie. Nestling with the teddy bear beanie will make you feel better for sure.

crochet teddy bear lovey pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Booties Pattern

The design of this incredibly cute tiny crocheted teddy bear booties is unisex. So, they’ll look equally attractive on a little boy or a little girl. They’re sure to preserve any little toes snuggly and warm.

free crochet teddy bear cowl pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Cowl Pattern

Crochet teddy bear Cowls are attractive and it is very easy to wear! They vary in sizes from adult to baby and can be crafted in your favorite colors. They also make wonderful handmade gifts!

crochet baby teddy bear pattern free
Crochet Teddy Bear Cocoon Pattern

Whether you are expecting or see of somebody who is, these crochet teddy bear baby cocoon patterns will be an amazing gift to have and give.

crochet teddy bear hat pattern free
Crochet Teddy Bear Hat Pattern


crochet teddy bear patterns free
Crochet Baby Teddy Bear Hat Pattern

Sometimes the simple hats turn out to be the cutest. Crafted with chunky weight yarn, it can be done quick and will be perfect for both a girl and a boy!

A few more patterns you might like:

free crochet teddy bear pattern on a baby blanket
Crochet Teddy Bear Baby Blanket Patterns


free crochet teddy bear motif pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Motif Pattern


crochet teddy bear clothes patterns free
Crochet Teddy Bear Dress Pattern


crochet teddy bear pattern beginners
Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern For Beginners


free large teddy bear crochet patterns
Large Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern


crochet teddy bear square pattern
Crochet Teddy Bear Granny Square Pattern
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